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The Adventure Starts Where the Pavement Ends

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Exploring Zion’s Landscape

Zion National Park contains some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery, yet the vast majority of its 3 million annual visitors will never experience Zion beyond a few feet of the pavement. Those who do know that nature’s best kept secrets are reserved for those who venture beyond the well-worn trail.

Our tours makes it easy to experience many of southern Utah’s hidden treasures. We take the road less traveled to show you places that most visitors see only in photographs, including stunning panoramas and breathtaking overlooks that have remained unchanged for a million years. You might see thousand year old Native American rock art, an authentic ghost town that became a Hollywood favorite, and/or wildlife that doesn’t behave like it lives in a zoo. Choose from our safari, or take a Private Jeep Tour to wherever you want to go.

The Mesa Vista safari departs from Balcony One Restaurant in Virgin, UT. The 2.5-hour “Mesa Vista” Safari follows North Creek toward the Kolob Terrace, then explores Smith Mesa. This area provides spectacular panoramas which stretch from West Temple to the Kolob Fingers at the northern end of the park.

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We Want You to Enjoy Your Tour

Answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the most of your backroad experience.

Private Tour

Safari Tours are available 7 days per week during peak tourist season. All trips depart from Balcony One Restaurant in Virgin, UT. Safari vehicles hold up to 12 passengers. Afternoon tours last approximately 2.5 hours and visit the “Mesa Vista” area north of Virgin, Utah. Trips may be altered at the driver’s discretion based on potential road hazards and group needs.

Private Jeep Tours are available 7 days per week throughout the entire year, weather permitting.  These trips are much more flexible than our safaris, and can be customized to your wishes. The vehicles are suitable for more aggressive hill climbing, and the seating arrangement tends to be more conducive to conversation with the driver. These tours provide a more personal experience, and can reach more remote locations that few people know about – and even fewer can access!

Payment is handled prior to departure, generally at the time of booking. Credit card payment is available online. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns by phone prior to your trip.
Safari Tours: Depart from Balcony One Restaurant in Virgin, UT.
Address: 770 W State Route, Virgin, UT

Free Shuttle Info

Private Jeep Tours: From any Springdale, Rockville or Vigin location.

Please note that Zion NP is in the Mountain Time Zone

*You will lose 1hr when traveling from Las Vegas!

US Time Zones

(Click map to enlarge.)

*Please be at meeting location 15 minutes prior to departure time.

Mesa Vista Tour:

  • March – 3:45 pm
  • April – 4:15 pm
  • May – 4:45 pm
  • June – 4:45 pm
  • July – 4:45 pm
  • August – 4:45
  • September – 4:15 pm
  • October – 3:45 pm

*Please be at Balcony One Restaurant 15 minutes prior to departure time.

Private Jeep Tours

  • March – 10:00 am / 4:00 pm
  • April – 10:00 am / 5:00 pm
  • May – 8:00 am / 1:00 pm / 5:30 pm
  • June – 8:00 am / 1:00 pm / 6:00 pm
  • July – 8:00 am / 1:00 pm / 6:00 pm
  • August – 8:00 am / 1:00 pm / 5:30 pm
  • September – 10:00 am / 4:30 pm
  • October – 10:00 am / 4:00 pm
  • November – 9:00 am / 2:00 pm
  • December thru February – Call
Recommended Items:

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Sunscreen
  • Walking shoes or hiking boots (all Safari hikes are quite short)
  • Hat / sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Snacks (if you’d like)
  • You may bring your own water bottle, but we will provide cold water for the trip
  • Necessary personal items
Please check the weather forecast (click the + sign at the top right corner of this website) a few hours before your trip. Remember that temperatures will drop about 10 degrees for every 1000′ elevation increase. Safari tours will climb approximately 1500.’ while private tours could climb as much as 4000.’ We do carry blankets just in case it cools off more than expected. Also, please keep in mind that the weather can change very quickly in the desert southwest, especially during our monsoon season of July – September. Clear mornings can often become rainy afternoons in the late summer. Mild rain will not cause cancellation, but heavy rains may limit our ability to travel dirt-roads. We will notify you of potential schedule changes a few hours prior to departure time.
Although injuries on our trips are extremely rare, our drivers are trained in first-aid and we do carry a first-aid kit in our vehicles. Obviously, prevention of injuries is essential. While driving, your most important responsibility is to wear your seat-belt, drink plenty of water, and keep limbs inside the vehicle. During walks, please watch for prickly plants, stinging insects and snakes. Avoid reaching your hands into places that you can’t see. Watch the ground a few feet ahead of you while walking. Avoid throwing or climbing on rocks and stay several feet behind steep ledges. Please watch young children closely and recognize that your safety is your responsibility. Please notify your driver immediately if you are sick or injured in any way.
You will be traveling in some of the most scenic country in the world. It is recommended that at least one person in your party bring a camera. The driver will be happy to take a group shot for you during stops. Drivers will stop at the most frequently photographed areas, but they will make additional photo stops upon request.
Your drivers do their best to provide an enjoyable and informative tour. Discretionary tipping is customary, and it’s always appreciated, though never required.

The Road Less Traveled | Zion Outback Safaris


We Will Show You the Places That Others Will Only See in Photographs!

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See What Our Guests Have to Say About Zion Outback Safaris
We’re proud of our Five Star Trip Advisor rating!
“We took the Zion Outback Safari Tour and were beyond satisfied. Our guide, Lura is deeply rooted in the area and brought a love of all things Southern Utah to her narrative. She was extremely knowledgeable about both the geology and history of the region and answered all questions thoroughly in a way that we could actually follow. She shared many anecdotes that also personalized our understanding of local farming, ranching, recreation and wildlife. Our tour vehicle was new and extremely well maintained. Lura piloted the vehicle over diverse terrain in the most professional manner and gave us a few laughs at her own expense along the way. Enjoyable does not begin to capture our experience and we thank Lura for making our tour a highlight of our time at Zion.”
Mandy G., Ottawa, Canada
“My wife and I recently traveled to Zion for a quick weekend get away. We hiked the Narrows in the Park and also decided to take a Private *Jeep Tour with Zion Outback Safaris. Todd was our driver and he was extremely knowledgable about the park and the surrounding areas of Zion. He discussed local history (geology and human history) while taking us to some of the most beautiful vistas you can imagine. Todd was a really good guy and really funny too. We had a blast and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to see beautiful areas that surround the park. Also the ride in the Jeep was extremely comfortable, even when we were off-road on some pretty rough roads.

If you have the money I recommend the private tour because your guide is willing to customize the trip to what you are looking for”

Keegan C., Lake Forest, CA
“Very easy to book via email and happy for us to pay in cash on arrival. We went for the Zion Mesa Vista Tour in the early evening. There was us and another couple so we were able to freely move around the *Jeep to take photos from both sides. Cold water was also provided which was a nice addition.

Wade was a fantastic guide. Incredibly knowledgable of the area and you could see his passion and enthusiasm for south west Utah during his talks. Took us to some places for some incredible views and knew an incredible amount about the area, geology, wildlife and history. Very interesting tour, we learnt a lot and had a great time. Perfect tour to take to see a panorama of the park and see a different side of zion rather than with the rest of the tourists in the canyon itself.”

Sam D., U.K.

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