Planning a vacation is exciting! New adventures await, opportunities to see once in a lifetime locations and chances to make memories that will last forever. Deciding where to go, and what to do once you get there can be overwhelming though. Of course, our favorite activity is an off road adventure through the backcountry surrounding Zion National Park! But what to do when you get back to town? We have compiled some links to our favorite sites for planning, as well as some interesting ideas for exploring the entire amazing state of Utah!

Zion National Park Resources

When planning your trip to Zion National Park, the best place to start is here, the National Park Service website. You’ll find information about entering the park, parking, and the free shuttle. There are also maps, and information on the park trail system.

Packing for Zion

One of the questions we get most frequently is: What should I bring with me? Exploring Zion National Park, and Utah as a whole can mean experiencing many different environments in a very short period of time. Throughout your trip you may have snow and intense heat…even in the same day!

Here are some things we recommend you consider for your trip:

A comfortable daypack with hydration is a necessity, no matter the time of the year.  You can’t go wrong with the CamelBak brand. This is one of our favorites:   

Shoes— I prefer approach shoes for most of my hiking and everyday wear.  Garmont is a brand that is known for high quality construction and comfort.  

When I want to carry a drink in addition to using my daypack hydration, I always bring my Hydro Flask– for either hot or cold liquids.

For some digital-free, nostalgic fun– we end up taking as many photos for others as we do for ourselves! Buy plenty of film.  

And for a sugar-free snack while on the trail, I love these:

Check out more recommendations for 4 items (other than food and water) that you should always carry in your day pack!


Springdale is “the gateway to Zion” as it is located just outside the park entrance. There is lots to see and do in the town itself! For information regarding lodging, dining, and other adventures in Springdale, this is our favorite site.


Interested in what the rest of this amazing state has to offer? Check out for information on Utah’s Big Five National Parks, as well as many other destinations and activities.

Looking for something a little off the beaten path? Check out this list of 65 things to do in Utah that will take you to some really interesting, out of the way places.