The Road Less Traveled

(This blog article first ran in in April, 2014)

Any visitor to Zion will tell you that it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. No matter what part of the park you see, you are sure to be treated to a feast for the eyes and the soul. But one thing I’ve learned from a lifetime of outdoor exploration is that 95% of tourists will follow the same well-worn paths. They generally visit the most accessible locations, snap a few photos and then follow the crowd to the next point-of-interest. If you want to find the best stuff, talk to the locals and make a turn down “the road less traveled.”

Thankfully, most Springdale insiders are happy to share their favorite hidden gems with those looking for adventure. In fact, if you are willing to veer off of the pavement with them, some will even take you there and tell you all about it! I recently found the inside info I needed under the planning tab of It led me to Zion Outback Safaris where I joined a small group from California to tour a semi-remote section of the park. This group was making its first visit to Zion, spending a week at the Hummingbird Villa, a comfortably luxurious family retreat in Springdale. They said they were having a great time, had hiked several of the spectacular trails and were looking for a way to see more of the canyon that day without using their legs as their primary mode of transportation. Sitting in a safe, comfortable seat in the back of an open-sided 4-wheel drive vehicle sounded like just the ticket. They were not disappointed. Continue Reading . . .